5 things we learnt from Watford 3-2 Everton

In Saturday’s early game Everton lost 3-2 Watford having taken the lead early on in the first half before finding themselves 3-1 down and grabbing scoring late on as they desperately searched for an equaliser.

We are here with 5 things we learnt from this game.

1. Romelu Lukaku ended his goal drought

Romelu Lukaku ended his goal drought of 4 games when he put Everton ahead in the 17th minute putting him on 8 goals for the season so far. He added to his tally in the second half however it was not enough to give Everton the win.

2. Everton poor at the back


Everton were all over the place at the back for each of Watford’s goal with summer signing Ashley Williams particularly poor. They constantly lost their men allowing Watford to make runs in behind them.

3. Everton did not make enough crosses

It was highlighted before the game that Watford are vulnerable to crosses and that they have conceded the most from this season. Why then did Everton look to make more of them and play more crosses into the box?

4. Watford showed their good and bad side


Every week in our Premier League preview show over on YouTube channel (link at the bottom of the page) we mention that Watford blow hot and cold making that hard to predict for because you’re never sure which Watford will show up. During this game Watford displayed both their good and bad sides.

5. Referee error cost Everton a point

And finally the referee Anthony Taylor doesn’t unnoticed as he refused Everton a blatant penalty for a defender grabbing and pulling late on with the game at 3-2. To make matters worse he had given similar offences throughout the game outside the penalty area. A foul is a foul no matter where it occurs on the pitch.

That’s just five things we learnt from the game, let us know what you learnt from it in the comments below and remember to check out our YouTube Channel.


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