A lovely error in the Daily Mail about Courtois

I was reading an article in the Daily Mail talking about the issues with Chelsea’s defence this season (link here) written by Kieran Gill and how on earth he has a job as a professional Sports Journalist, I do not know. 

I am not slating him for having an opinion that I don’t agree with. I won’t pick on him for saying Gary Cahill is lost without JT (he is) and saying David Luiz isn’t no JT (he isn’t), I will laugh at him though, why does David Luiz get compared to JT and not Cahill.  At least he slated Cahill for having no leadership skills though.

No, why I question Kieran Gill’s professionalism is him imagining that Thibaut Courtois played in Chelsea’s 4-2 win in the Football League Cup over Leicester last Tuesday.  Courtois is hammered for flapping at the two goals Chelsea conceded, when it was Asmir Begovic who was in-goal for Chelsea.

In the section, ‘A good enough goalkeeper?’, he put, “both goals that Chelsea conceded to Leicester City’s Shinji Okazaki in midweek, after all, saw Courtois flapping and were embarrassing for the 24-year-old. Not good enough.”

By slating Courtois for two goals conceded which weren’t his fault, he is damaging Courtois’ reputation. Some people won’t have watched that game and might be uninterested in the match report, but who have read this article and now think Courtois is to blame. I mean finding team line ups is actually one of the easiest things to find on a game.

Journalists get upset when clubs don’t fulfill their media obligations and don’t like it when managers and players have a dig at some of the things they write (sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong to do so), but getting details like this wrong, isn’t going to help their cause.

If you are going to do an opinion piece slating a player, make sure you don’t confuse them with another player or you use relevant incidents to do so.

No wonder people are turning off the mainstream media.


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