Zlatan to the Premier League?

Apparently Zlatan Ibrahimovic is looking to move to the Premier League in the summer after his deal with PSG expires at the end of this upcoming season.

But where to?

Zlatan himself has said he would be interested in moving to Manchester United, as long as Louis Van Gaal is no longer the manager.

Now, whether Van Gaal stays remains to be seen (looks unlikely now Manchester City have a 4 point gap in the last of the Champions League places) and Zlatan’s good friend and ex-manager, Jose Mourinho is being tipped to take over, although the press can’t seem to make up their mind, whether it will be him or Ryan Giggs.

Manchester United need another striker, Wayne Rooney is being dropped deeper, there is Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, but both of those are young and they will want a more experienced striker to take pressure off of them and provide competition.

In that respect you would think Zlatan is perfect. He is a goalscorer, experienced and is available on a free. Manchester United probably wouldn’t mind paying him a good signing on fee and a very very good wage (not the £600k- that is if he was actually asking that, probably just his way to get an even better deal than what he would actually get). He would also please sponsors, when they don’t have Champions League football/trophies, another way to get money in and keep them happy is to get big names in and Zlatan is that, but is this a wise move for Manchester United? And should any Premier League club take him?

If Jose does go to Manchester United, then maybe Manchester United could consider it, as I think Jose is probably one of the few managers who could keep Zlatan in some sort of line. Even then, I think you could find somebody else and should find somebody else.

I like Zlatan, but with him it would feel like are you signing Zlatan or is he signing you?

Clubs don’t need that.

Will he end up in the Premier League?

Well he certainly is interested and it could just happen.


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