Ryan Giggs to take over from LVG?

Louis Van Gaal looks set to leave Manchester United at the end of the season if they miss out on Champions League qualification. While many have tipped Jose Mourinho to be the next manager, there have been murmurings about Ryan Giggs taking over. 

When Van Gaal arrived at Manchester United two years ago in his last job on a three year contract, the plan was apparently for Ryan Giggs to learn from Van Gaal before eventually taking over.

Now that Van Gaal’s second season hasn’t gone to plan, the rumours of him leaving have grown and there has been speculation over who will get the Manchester United job- Jose Mourinho or Ryan Giggs?

Jose Mourinho was the favourite pretty much since he was sacked by Chelsea last December after a poor start to the season (not that things have changed), however there have been on-off rumours of Ryan Giggs taking over. They want to keep to the succession plan or they don’t want Jose because of the sideshow he brings etc.

Don’t want Jose for sideshow or what not, but is Ryan Giggs good enough to take over at Manchester United at this moment in time?

Look at Gary Neville at Valencia.

Manchester United probably want the romanticism of one of their own being in charge, and not to say he couldn’t, but right now? Really?

Ryan Giggs has been the right hand man for David Moyes and Van Gaal, so shouldn’t a portion of the blame be heading in his direction? Or hasn’t it at the very least shown he isn’t ready yet.

The Manchester United job is one of the biggest jobs in World football, it is a lot of pressure. The timing has got to be right for Ryan Giggs and is this it?


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