The draw for the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League has been made and is anyone surprised?

Manchester City vs Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich. Those are the draws for this season’s UEFA Champions League. Is anyone surprised by this draw? C’mon hands up.

No one is surprised. As soon as we knew the four teams through to the semi-finals of this year’s competition this is exactly the draw that I predicted would happen. Funny how UEFA draws are quite predictable at times.

Manchester City have been kept away from Bayern Munich and a potentially awkward meeting with their next manager Pep Guardiola. I suppose they were worried about accusations of a conflict of interest, plus how embarrassing would it be for Pep to get knocked out by the club he’ll be taking over in the summer?

Real Madrid have been drawn against the weakest team left in the competition, no offence City fans but in this élite group that’s what you are, giving them the best possible opportunity to progress to the final.

And Atletico Madrid take on Bayern Munich meaning we either get Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich in the final, two big teams with a lot of European pedigree, or a repeat of the Madrid derby we had two years ago.

There are more similarities to the competition two years ago. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Atlético Madrid were all in the semi-final with an English side, then it was Chelsea now it is Manchester City. The English side beat Paris Saint-Germain in the quarter-final while Atletico Madrid Barcelona at the same stage. Is it a sign that we are to get a Madrid derby once again in the final?


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