Some thoughts on Guus Hiddink’s first press conference as Chelsea manager (for the second time)

Guus Hiddink did his first press conference as Chelsea manager (for the second time) yesterday and some of his responses, or in some cases lack of, were quite revealing.

When asked to sum up what it means to be back (at Chelsea) he said that he shouldn’t be there and that it was only because things hadn’t gone well in the first half of the season that he was. All of which seems quite obvious really, Jose Mourinho won the title with Chelsea last season, you’d expect him to be in charge.

What’s quite telling is he actually said I shouldn’t be here two or three times during the course of the whole interview before eventually saying he was glad to be back though, clearly he knows he’s a lucky boy to be Chelsea boss again.

On the topic potential new signings in January Hiddink didn’t really give a definitive answer. What he made it sound like however is that if there are signings it will be done more by the club than it will by him.

Another topic that came up during the press conference was the talented young players that Chelsea have in their academy that haven’t had a chance to progress into the first team.

Hiddink said that some of them are training with the first team and he is and will be evaluating them and that if they prove that they are competitive they will be given a chance, he doesn’t want to just throw them in right away. All of which makes sense. He needs a chance to get to know them and see what they can do. No sense in rushing it.

And of course he was asked about what he’s made of all the troubles at the club this season to which he just said the past is the past. He doesn’t want to talk about the past events with the players because it will be coloured and biased, he’d rather focus on the now and look to the future. Again it all makes perfect sense. There is no point dwelling on whats already happened, the players and the club need to look ahead of how they can sort things out and begin to climb back up the table.

It will be interesting to see what his lineup is for the game against Watford on Boxing Day.


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