Charly Musonda could be leaving Chelsea

Chelsea youngster Charly Musonda Junior caused quite a stir over the weekend with a post he put up on social media casting doubt over his Chelsea future.

The promising youngster, who has been linked with Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal among others, appears to be getting frustrated with the lack of first-team opportunities at the club.

In a post that he put up on instagram, which had been edited several times before its eventual removal, seem to suggest he will be going out on loan in January. Or it’s a call for clubs to come in for him in January, possibly on loan or possibly to try and get a permanent move, although that will be difficult since he signed a four-year contract extension back in March.

Musonda had the chance to go on loan to Vitesse in the summer, along with Lewis Baker, Dominic Solanke, Izzy Brown, Nathan and Danilo Pantic, but turned down the opportunity to do so. Perhaps believing he had a chance of first-team football at Chelsea this season.

His frustration is understandable, regular first-team football has been key in the development of many young players, just look at how Thibaut Courtois has benefited from his loan to Atletico Madrid. If he isn’t going to get regular first-team football at Chelsea he needs to leave the club, hopefully just on loan, to get it.

He’s probably further frustrated by how poor Chelsea have been and continue to be this season and yet he still hasn’t been given an opportunity to show what he can do. He’s clearly young and hungry with a point to prove, if he’s given the opportunity it will place greater competition on the current first-team players forcing them to improve in order to retain their places, and it could help him develop into a top quality player. A top quality player who will be both home-grown and club trained, which the club desperately need.

Besides it’s not like he could do much worse than the current lot and it’s about time Chelsea had a player come through their academy.

Hopefully he’s just trying to force a loan move or putting pressure on the club to give him a chance in the first-team.

Should Musonda be given a chance in the first-team?


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