Transfer rumour: Jamie Vardy to leave Leicester City

The record holder for scoring in the most consecutive Premier League matches, Jamie Vardy, is a target for many Premier League clubs. 

It is hardly surprising that after scoring in 11 consecutive Premier League matches, that Jamie Vardy of Leicester City is attracting interest of “bigger” Premier League clubs.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are all interested in the striker.

Manchester United and Chelsea both need strikers, more so than Liverpool. Those two would be more willing to pay a higher fee for him, as it isn’t the Liverpool model to spend big on older players, they prefer to buy young and look at potential re-sale value.

Leicester are apparently opening talks over a new contract with Vardy, which would see him remain at the club for the remainder of the season and increase his value next summer.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this one, but with the form Vardy’s in and if no new contract is announced, then we will be hearing these rumours for a while.

Will Vardy leave Leicester in January? If so, who will he join? And who should he join?


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