Transfer Rumour: Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Chelsea

It is December so rumours of transfers are wild right now.

Zlatan to Chelsea has been floated about before, but in the past couple of days it seems that there is a strong indication that this could happen.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has made no secret of his great relationship with Jose Mourinho and has even backed his former manager to succeed at Chelsea despite the poor start to the season.

Apparently this transfer is likely to happen next summer once Zlatan’s contract at PSG expires, but apparently it still hasn’t been ruled out to happen in January.

With Diego Costa looking likely to leaveĀ and Radamel Falcao not staying beyond this season, Chelsea will be in the market for two strikers.

Zlatan would definitely fit the role for one of the three striker spots at Chelsea. Mourinho seems to like an experienced striker, which Zlatan definitely is, but he would also bring leadership into the dressing room, which Chelsea desperately lack this season.

I think this transfer is more likely to happen next summer as opposed to in January, especially as Zlatan would be cup tied in the Champions League.

However, Zlatan can sign for another club in January due to the bosman rule- so wait and see what happens.

Do you think Zlatan will be at Chelsea next season? If not, where will he be? Is it a good move for Chelsea?


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