Wayne Rooney breaks the record

Wayne Rooney became England’s top goal scorer last night, after scoring a penalty in the European Championship Qualifier against Switzerland at Wembley, breaking Sir Bobby Charlton’s record.

Wayne Rooney scored his 50th England goal, which came from the penalty spot in last night’s Euros Qualifier against Switzerland at Wembley, to make him England’s highest ever goal scorer.

This is an incredible achievement, he scored the goals and the record is rightfully his. However, despite this it does feel slightly underwhelming.


Because he hasn’t done anything at a major tournament since the 2004 Euros where he burst on the scene and scored four goals. Since then he has gotten one more goal at the Euros, in 2012, albeit we didn’t qualify for 2008, and he has one World Cup goal from three tournaments. He has as many goals at a World Cup as he does rants at England fans on camera (remember that?)

For instance Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer have both got golden boots at tournaments (Lineker at the 1986 World Cup and Shearer at the 1996 Euros).

Now obviously doing it in qualifiers is still important, but at tournaments the pressure is higher and the opposition is harder. One World Cup goal is particularly disappointing.

After the Euros 2004 where he announced himself on the international scene, England had high hopes for Rooney. Okay, we have high hopes for a lot of talent but that is usually after a good spell at club level, this was at the Euros.

Has Rooney lived up to what we expected?

No, no he hasn’t. This isn’t being harsh, but I didn’t expect him to have just one World Cup goal by now. I wouldn’t have thought that he would have two goals in the past four international tournaments. He hasn’t delivered on the big stage.

However as I said he got the record, and fair play to him for that, but it just feels underwhelming.


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