Chelsea were in a lose-lose position over signing John Stones

The transfer window has closed and Chelsea failed to sign John Stones despite the club making four bids and the player handing in a transfer request.

Everton fans think they won, but Chelsea were in a lose-lose position.

Everton fans think they beat Chelsea in the battle for John Stones because the club didn’t sell him this summer.

Yes if by won they mean turning down around £40 million for a player who so desperately wants to leave the club and play for someone else that he handed in a transfer request, then yes, yes they did.

If a player is that desperate to leave and you get a large sum of money surely its better to just get rid and bring in a replacement? You don’t want players who don’t want to play for the club in the team. It can upset the dressing room.

But it was a lose-lose situation for Chelsea.

Everton fans are gloating that they managed to keep hold of Stones, but if they sold him they would be mocking Chelsea for how much they paid for him.

Even if Chelsea paid £30 million for Stones, and remember they put in two bids above £30 million, Everton fans would be laughing saying that Chelsea overpaid for him, that they ripped Chelsea off, and that Stones isn’t worth that money.

It would have put Stones under even greater pressure. Every mistake he made, no matter how small, would be heavily scrutinised, every mistake would lead to Everton fans laughing and mocking again and again. Average performances wouldn’t be good enough, he would have had to raise his game performing above average consistently.

It was a transfer deal that Chelsea couldn’t win, however I think it is better that they fail to get the player than overpay for him. If Chelsea had overpaid for Stones that would encourage other clubs to hike up the prices when dealing with Chelsea.

It’s probably better for Stones as well. The pressure he would have been under to perform at Chelsea every week if he had moved for the prices talked about would have been immense, this way there is less pressure on him as he continues to develop.

In this deal there are no winners. Chelsea failed to get the player they wanted, Everton have a player who wants to leave, and Stones didn’t get the move he wanted.


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