Mario Balotelli signs for AC Milan on a season long loan

Liverpool misfit Mario Balotelli has signed for AC Milan on a season long loan after joining them just a year ago for £16 million.

After just one season, one, at Anfield where he scored one measly goal, Brendan Rodgers has decided that enough is enough and is looking to offload Mario Balotelli.

The problem is with how poor Balotelli was for them last season and the reputation he has, that is easier said than done.

The only option they had was to loan him back to the club they signed him from, AC Milan, without getting a loan fee or an obligation to sign the player in a years time and they have to pay a portion of his wages, rumoured to be around half.

Talk about bad business. This is easily one of, if not the worst, transfers in Premier League history, made worse by the fact that everyone knew this was going happen. Well everyone except Brendan Rodgers and the Liverpool transfer committee.

Still it’s for the best to get rid of him. There is no point in having him hang around the club where he could be a nuisance and at least this was they are paying him less wages than what they were before.

The problem will be in a years time if AC Milan, or any other club, don’t want to sign Balotelli. He’ll still have a year left on his Liverpool contract on wages of around £80,000-a-week.


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