Match Review: Manchester United vs Tottenham

The first Premier League match of the 2015/2016 season was Manchester United vs Tottenham.

Tottenham started the game well and Christian Eriksen should have given them an early lead.The first 25 minutes was all Tottenham, and it looked like only a matter of time before they would score. However, of course, they then get caught out at the back and ultimately concede.

The goal itself was nightmare stuff for Tottenham, as Kyle Walker put it in his own net. Rooney gets into the box free, but takes a touch of the ball, not realising that Walker was running behind him, which enables Walker to get onto it, to try and tap it away, but all he could do is put it in his own net.

After the goal, Tottenham lost momentum and Man United grew in confidence.

The second half of the match, I don’t really remember, it was very boring. Man United were doing a great job of pressing and giving no space to Tottenham though. However, there was not much action at all.

Good win for Manchester United though. 3 points. However, Man United do need another striker, it has to be a priority for them. However, they will be pleased with Darmian’s debut and satisfied with┬áRomero’s.

Tottenham also need another striker desperately, as well as another creative player. Looking at their bench for options to bring on to change the game, and there wasn’t really anything to bring on which would really change the game.

Overall, not a great game, but Man United will be pleased they got the points and I am sure Louis Van Gaal will be bringing in some more players.

Final score: Manchester United 1-0 Tottenham


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